Yacht management

If you are a yacht owner or want to be one, but you are worried about boat maintenance and expences, we can help you with it. Yacht management is a service where we provide a full maintenance of the yacht, charter it and keep a registry of boat income and expences.

Management includes serviceing, maintenance, repairing and all other necessary work in order to keep the boat in good shape as well as booking of the yacht as good and as much as possible.

Boat owners obligations are to pay for the expences such as berth place, concession, winter service, spare parts, registration and insurance for the boat.

Advantages of charter management is that you have a well maintained ship with low expences due to charter.

If you want to buy a yacht, please visit our brokerage page.

If you already own a yacht and would like to give it in our management, please fulfill this form and we will contact you and make you an offer.